SigmaFire Boilers (25 to 200 BHP—863 to 6,900 lbs/h)

The SigmaFire line is available in sizes of 25 ,35, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150 and 200 BHP (245 to 1,962 kW) and has been designed from the ground up to offer an extensive list of benefits.

Greatly Reduced Time and Expense for Installation. This is a result of modular construction of the main components—the Steam Generator, the Feedwater Tank and other Feedwater Equipment. Each of these components is built on two rails that slide and bolt together to simplify shipping and field installation.

Reduced Noise and Smoother Operation. Advanced design and construction greatly reduces noise levels and results in exceedingly smooth operation.

Higher Fuel Efficiency. The new design uses radiation heat to pre-heat combustion air and a redesigned main heating coil to improve efficiency and lower fuel consumption.

Improved PLC Based Controls. All the units use the latest PLC microprocesser main system controls to enhance operator interfaces and serviceability.

Full Modulating Burner Management Systems. Units are available with the latest servo-based burner management systems for improved pressure control, load following and repeatability.

Ultra Low NOx Burner Systems. Burner systems are available to meet the latest and most strict emissions standard down to below 9 ppm.

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SigmaFire ModelSteam Flow (lb/hr*)Maximum Output (BHP)

*From and at 212° F.

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