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Industrial Steam Boiler Manufacturers


Industrial Steam Boiler Manufacturers

Established October 20, 1930, Clayton Industries is a leading worldwide industrial steam boiler manufacturer of industrial process steam generation products. Our process steam boilers include fired boilers and unfired waste heat boilers. Clayton’s unique controlled circulation counter-flow design offers many advantages over other industrial steam boilers for sale. Our control systems use the latest technology for boiler manufacturing companies. Clayton Industries is a favorite choice in high-efficiency energy markets.

Innovative technology drives economies of nations. Clayton Industries will lead the Steam Boiler Industry through the 21st Century by providing customers with reliable, highly efficient compact steam-generating systems, mobile steam generators and steam generator service. We offer superheated steam generators, medium pressure steam boilers and high pressure steam boilers. Our water tube boiler technology leads the industry in safety.

Clayton Industries is headquartered in City of Industry, California, USA. Major industrial steam boiler manufacturing facilities are located in the United States, Belgium and Mexico and serve diverse worldwide markets, with international Customer Service facilities. We carefully select and train our Direct Sales and Service Support staff from worldwide distributors. Our professional and experienced staff is ready to serve your steam generating needs. For steam boiler and steam generator information, please see our Boiler and Steam Basics and see our full line of on-demand water tube boilers.

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