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Clayton Industries' latest innovation, the small and highly efficient Clayton Steam Master has combined technical expertise and ease of use to deliver a superior product based on reliability and safety. This line of portable steam boilers ushers in the next generation of superior products from Clayton Industries—a leader in large and portable steam boiler technology for more than 80 years.

Technical Information
The Clayton Steam Master is available in three sizes that can be powered by either oil or gas. Gas-fired units have fully modulating output control from 100% to 25%. Oil-fired units are equipped with Clayton’s three-step modulating controller. These units require only 220V single-phase electrical connection and typically consume less electricity than a domestic teakettle.

The heart of the portable steam boiler design is a heated once-through water tube coil that produces steam at an operating steam pressure of 125 psig. The Clayton Steam Master features Clayton’s unique sealless and packless water pump that has proven outstanding performance, response and reliability. Its durable construction is suitable for industrial environments and enables Clayton Industries to offer a five-year warranty on materials and workmanship on pressure-related parts.

The Clayton Easy Start System offers a straightforward means of putting this portable steam unit into service. Its user-friendly touch screen presents immediate visual indication of status and prompts the operator with self-diagnostics. Information is clearly displayed to monitor your steam supply so you know it is functioning flawlessly.

Option Packages
Clayton Industries offers five packages to support configuration of the Clayton Steam Master portable steam unit to any specific application.

Fuel Saving Package Adding a finned-tube economizer section reduces fuel consumption and significantly lowers annual operating costs.

Steam Quality Package This package integrates a high-efficiency steam separator, steam trap and blowdown valve and can be supplied at initial delivery of the portable steam unit or easily added after installation.

Water Treatment Package To further protect the portable steam boiler, this package adds a frame-mounted and interconnected hotwell, chemical feed pump, blowdown tank, duplex water softener and sample cooler to be positioned next to and connected to the Clayton Steam Master portable steam boiler.

Remote Communication Package For added peace of mind, have status messages sent to a mobile or Ethernet communication device for data exchange with a remote control system.

Automatic Start/Stop Package This package includes a backpressure regulator and uses a steam trap for unloading. It requires installation of the Steam Quality Package (above).

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Product Information
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  • High Efficiency
  • Small Size
  • Rapid Start
  • Safety
  • Compact Size
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Rapid Response
  • Low Blowdown
  • Easy Operation of Touchscreen
  • Low Maintenance

Approximate Overall Dimensions