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Clayton Steam Separator

Clayton Steam Separator

High Quality Steam

Temperature and moisture control are paramount to almost all manufacturing processes. Clayton’ fixed-vane separator design helps maintain process stability by providing constant high-quality steam throughout its operating range. This results in a more uniform product and less wasted energy in the steam generation system. Additionally, higher quality steam means there are fewer steam contaminants and less fouling of the system and products.

Mechanical Separation

Mechanical separation of steam in Clayton industrial boilers is superior to natural separation that is common in traditional boilers.

Preheat of Feedwater

Feedwater is preheated by condensate from the separator.

High-Quality Steam

The Clayton 99.5% quality steam separator minimizes moisture and carryover. This fixed vane steam separator yields the driest saturated steam available in our size range (“dry steam” generation). The high velocity of steam and water through the separator nozzle provides superior water separation at all steam production rates. The water removed during separation passes through a steam trap to the feedwater tank and is used for preheating.

The Clayton 99.5% quality steam separator is ideally suited to projects where high-quality steam is required to provide optimum performance in the steam system. Typical applications include food processing and conditioning (i.e., grain and feed mills) where water content of the product requires high-quality steam and temperature-sensitive heating of integral manufacturing components, like the rolls in a corrugator.

See Boiler and Steam Definitions for terms.

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