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E Series Boilers (150 to 2,000 BHP—5,175 to 69,000 lbs/h)

E Series Boilers

Clayton’s larger E-Series Boilers product line of industrial steam boilers/steam generators range in size from 150 to 2,000 boiler horsepower (1,472 to 19,620kW) and steam flows from 5,175 to 69,000 lbs. per hr (2,347 to 31,300 kg/hr). Pressure design ratings are available up to 3000 psig (207 barg). Clayton Industries offers all their fired steam generators with state-of-the-art fully modulating automatic PLC based controls and servo actuated burner management systems. Our complete E Series line is available as medium pressure steam boilers and high pressure steam boilers for sale.

Clayton E-Series Boilers are compact, highly efficient industrial steam generators, They come with several benefits above traditional water tube and fire tube boilers. Their unique controlled-flow/counter-flow heat exchanger design allows these industrial steam boilers to start up and respond to system load changes very rapidly while maintaining system pressures. Controlling internal water flows allows management of TDS build-up and its disposal in a concentrated flow. This greatly reduces wasted heat, chemicals and water. The potential of steam explosions is effectively eliminated from the boiler room because this is done without a large pressure vessel. This contributes to the safety of Clayton Industrial Steam Generators.

Low NOx burner systems are available to meet the strictest regulations down to 6 ppm. skid mounting, containerizing and other options are also available to meet any specific project requirements. For a quote on an E-Series Boiler, contact your local Clayton representative.

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Clayton Model Steam Flow (lb/hr*) Maximum Output (BHP)
E154 5,175 150
E204 6,900 200
E254 8,625 250
E304 10,350 300
E354 12,075 350
E404 13,800 400
E504 17,250 500
E604 20,700 600
E704 24,150 700
E1004 34,500 1,000

*From and at 212° F.

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