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Clayton’s COVID-19 Update

July 8, 2020

To Our Customers and Partners,

It has been nearly six months since the initial outbreak of Coivid-19, and while much of the world remains under lockdown, restrictions have slowly begun lifting under the supervision of local governments. With this being the case, we felt it prudent to provide another update on how the Covid-19 crisis has affected Clayton.

Due to our designation as an essential service, Clayton has remained open during this pandemic and will continue to do so for the duration.

Globally, Clayton’s factories and manufacturing facilities have remained in full operation, continuing both the production and shipment of new equipment to businesses worldwide. This is further supported by our customer service team, who remain available to support you and your operations regardless of your location.

Since this outbreak began, we have implemented new policies to keep both our employees and our customers safe. These include the regulations and guidelines set out by the World Health Organization and The Center for Disease Control, as well as following local government guidelines and implementing additional precautions at a company level. These procedures will remain in place for the duration of the pandemic.

We’re still here, and still ready to assist you in every way we can.

John Clayton, President

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