Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Clayton Steam Generator

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Clayton Steam Generator


What are the major reasons for selecting low emission options on your boiler? Aside from choosing to be environmentally conscious, in many jurisdictions the emissions on your boiler are strictly regulated. You may be eligible for government programs and subsidies, while in other areas your boiler may be illegal to operate without meeting local codes. What kind of options exists to help you keep your ratings down and meet the varying criteria?

Clayton has designed and implemented several options to help you achieve this goal. Originally designed to operate under the strict regulations that exist in the state of California, these low emission options include our Economizer Section, our Flue Gas Recirculation system, and our Fiber Metal Burner. Each of these can help significantly lower your carbon footprint.

In the case of our Economizer, an additional coil section is added to the top of the generator. This addition sits at the top of your boiler, where it adds an additional 35% of heating surface to the unit, using exhaust gases to heat the water as it moves towards the main heating coil. In addition to improving your efficiency, this also lowers stack temperature, which in turn lowers your emissions as your fuels inputs are reduced.

A second option is our Flue Gas Recirculation system. This application works by lowering the two factors that most contribute to NOx emissions, combustion temperature and oxygen. A portion of combustion gas is captured as it exits the main exhaust stack, and through means of a forced draft blower is recirculated back into the heating chamber, lowering both the combustion temperature and the oxygen levels present within.

Our final application is the Fiber Metal Burner. The system begins with an automatic air and gas mixture, which is premixed in a specialized chamber, then introduced to the combustion chamber through the high temperature burner manifold. This mixture, as well as the high temperature burner, results in a short, lean flame. This flame size results in ultra-low emissions, typically lower than 9 ppm NOx and 50 ppm CO.

When it comes to cutting down on your emissions, Clayton Industries is ready to help by implementing one of our patented low emission designs, and we would be more than happy to aid you in making the right choice.

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Top Ten Reasons to buy a Clayton Steam Generator