Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Clayton Steam Generator

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Clayton Steam Generator


Boiler maintenance is subject that is dangerous to overlook. All mechanical devices require upkeep in order to keep them running smoothly, and your boiler is no exception. Preventative maintenance is always a good idea, as well as keeping a close eye on the quality of your water. However, despite best intentions and practices, a circumstance that is beyond your control can cause your boiler to unexpectedly go offline. In a situation such as this, last thing you want is having a long wait time while a technician makes his way to your plant. Dealing directly with the manufacturer is always an advantage, and Clayton takes the reliability of your boiler room seriously.

In order to provide the assistance you need, Clayton offers reliable sales support, and our direct service department is ready to keep your Steam Generator running at peak performance and support your operations, providing parts, service, training, and water treatment.

Our coverage extends across North America, with service stemming out of major metropolitan areas across the continent. In addition to our domestic coverage, Clayton Service Offices are strategically placed around the world, including locations in Germany, The United Kingdom, Mexico, Belgium, China, Canada, and many others. Our worldwide coverage is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, which includes our emergency support.

In addition to our on demand service, Clayton's Service Department also offers our clients Preventative Maintenance and Inspection Agreements. These visits can be scheduled as part of a regular checkup, inspection, and preventative maintenance to your boiler, and can be arranged as regularly as fits your company's schedule.

Our Water Treatment Division is also available to assist you to with our own range of feedwater treatment chemicals, specialized for a Clayton Generator. We're able to provide you with the ideal chemical setup, which will be specifically calculated based on your water source, keeping it free of undesirable qualities and further contributing to the life cycle and operation of your boiler.

With our worldwide service coverage, Clayton Industries is there to provide the assistance you need, no matter the circumstance.

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Top Ten Reasons to buy a Clayton Steam Generator