Introduction to Clayton Industries

Clayton Industries is a world leader in the production of Industrial Steam Boilers.


Clayton Steam Master

The Clayton Steam Master is advanced steam boiler technology and can be used wherever you need steam. Steam output modulates smoothly between 100% and 25% to follow demand rapidly and faultlessly.


Clayton Safety Demonstration

To demonstrate the inherent safety of the Clayton Steam Generator design, a test was conducted at our plant for a Canadian agency. Even with the safety devices removed, this test proved that it is not possible to create a steam explosion with the Clayton mono-tube, forced flow design.


The Clayton Steam Generator - Design & Benefits

The video presents the advantages and benefits of the Clayton Steam Generator and its unique design features. Presented by Gerry Rooney, Clayton UK.


Mobile Steam Plant for Algerian Refinery

Oil refineries today use steam for cleaning pipes and distillation columns. Previously this was done with warm water and took days. Now it is done in hours with steam which greatly reduces down time and saves milzlions of dollars in lost production.

This video shows a system supplied by Clayton for this application in Algeria. The system was installed in two mobile containers and produce up to 18,750 lbs./hr. (8,500 kg/hr.) of steam, independently of external facilities. One trailer contained three 185 BHP (1,815 kW) steam generators. The other trailer contained the water and fuel tanks, power generation and water treatment system. An excellent example of the utilization of Clayton’s compact, highly efficient technology.


High Pressure Clayton Steam Plant

This video shows the installation of a complete Clayton high pressure steam supply system that provides 62,100 lbs./hr. (25 tonnes per hour) of steam at a pressure of 1300 psig (90 barg). The units are used for testing large steam turbine driven pumps. Three model EG604 Clayton Steam Generators give exceptional turndown and flexibility and operate together from a central sequencing control station that harnesses the rapid start-up and response capabilities of the Clayton system. Also shown here is the installation of the ancillary equipment including the deaerator, feed water system, blow down tank and condenser.


Boiler Explosion Surveillance Video

This video shows an actual explosion of a conventional boiler that was caused by low water level in the boiler. The massive destruction caused is an example of what can happen with conventional designs that are not properly maintained.


Firetube Explosion in Florida

A large 60,000 pph Firetube boiler exploded in Lakeland, Florida. Luckily, no one was killed. The plant sustained severe damage. This is another example of the dangers of improper use of steam boilers. It is impossible for an event like this to occur when you use Clayton Steam Generators.


Two Tier Steam Generator Container

This video shows a Clayton 400 BHP steam generator and complete feedwater system mounted inside a two tier weatherproof container. The high efficiency compact steam generating system is an example of the packaging capabilities using Clayton steam generators.


Two Clayton 250 BHP Steam Generators

This video shows two 250 BHP Clayton steam generators installed in an industrial application. These fully automatic unmanned units produce 8 T/h of high quality dry steam and are sequentially controlled to maintain system pressure. They can be started and brought up to full pressure within 5 minutes from a cold start. The steam generators are inherently safe from steam explosions due to their coil tube design.


Two 600 BHP Steam Generator installation

The video shows two 600 BHP Clayton Steam Generators being installed in concrete block manufacturing facility. Additionally a pressurized deaerator was installed to provide feedwater to the boilers.


Two 400 BHP steam generator container

This video shows two 400 BHP Clayton steam generators mounted in a specially designed transportable weatherproof container for fast onsite installation. The feedwater deaerator is mounted on the roof and the container includes all auxiliary equipment required providing a compact and portable steam generating system. Steam Generators are controlled from a central control station. System is fully factory tested prior to shipment.


Skid Mounted Steam generator

This video shows an automatic 100 BHP Clayton Steam Generator skid mounted with a vertical feedwater tank and a complete feedwater treatment system. Its compact design, fast startup and highly efficient design provides high quality dry steam for an industrial application.


Skid Mounted Steam Generator - Industrial Application

This video shows a skid mounted Clayton Steam Generator system being used in a rubber molding application providing, high pressure, high quality steam. The system has fully automatic controls and a complete feedwater treatment system.


E1004 Startup in 10 Minutes

This video demonstrates the safe startup of a 1000 BHP Clayton Model E1004 steam generator within 10 minutes from a cold standby condition. It shows the panel displays as the unit transitions from purge to fire-off and pressure-up phases.


Clayton Superheat Steam Generator in Power Plant

This video shows the installation of a Clayton Superheat Steam Generator at a Power Plant in Wales UK. The modular unit is assembled on site and then lowered through a roof to a location inside the plant. It demonstrates to ease of installation provided by Clayton compact coil tube design. Able to start-up and come to full superheated steam operation in less than 20 minutes, this steam generator greatly enhances the power plant’s response time.


Clayton Exhaust Gas Boilers

This video shows an installation with four Clayton Exhaust gas steam generators with by-pass controls on multiple gas engine generator sets. Clayton also supplied the complete feedwater treatment systems for this installation. The units recover 5 MW of heat and produce over 7 T/h of high quality steam. The system is controlled through a centrally located touch screen control panel provided by Clayton.

KLD Clayton Steam Generator


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