Hydro Steam Cleaners—Steamin' Demon

The Clayton Steamin' Demon hydro steam cleaner provides economical and efficient steam cleaning capability anywhere you have a high-pressure steam line. The Steamin' Demon effectively removes dirt, grease and heavy oils from most surfaces, making it ideal for cleaning, sanitation and maintenance. For added convenience, units are portable and can be installed at several locations or moved from place-to-place.

This hydro steam cleaner easily attaches to most existing steam lines and is easily transportable across sites. It costs around 10% of comparable fired steam cleaners and can be used in-plant without emitting the pollution of a fired steam cleaner. It requires no electrical connection, only water, detergent and steam. Your own open-top, 55-gallon (208 liter) drum may be used for the solution concentrate.

Large industrial plants, such as oil refineries, have installed as many as 100 Steamin' Demons at multiple sites for periodic cleaning.

Clayton Industries is a industrial steam generator manufacturer and offers factory-direct industrial steam boilers and parts in key industrial centers in the United States, Europe, Canada, Mexico and around the world. The Clayton team also offers superior steam generator service and boiler maintenance direct from these locations.

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