Thermal Oil Steam Generator

Feild Heaters—Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery Steam Generators

Clayton Industries has more than 50 years experience in Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery. Clayton Steam Generators were used in the early days of oil recovery in the Central Valley of California and are currently being used around the world.

Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery (TEOR) technology is one of the most widely employed Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) methods. The two main methods for Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery, cyclic and steam-flood have the greatest certainty of success and potential application in about 70% of heavy oil fields worldwide. Thermal methods also give the highest recoveries at the lowest costs.

The Clayton Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery Steam Generator is a complete, self-contained, automatic generating unit ready for operation when connected to the feedwater system, fuel and power supply. The basic design is a once through, forced-circulation, spiral-wound smooth tube heat exchanger. The Clayton design offers significant fuel savings plus size and weight advantages. The Clayton design is inherently safe, with no possibility of a hazardous steam explosion.

Designed to oil field thermal recovery specifications, the Clayton TEOR Steam Generator is a truly portable heater. Its compact design allows the unit to be skid-mounted, trailer mounted or containerized. This portability makes it versatile and adaptable to a variety of field conditions and applications. The Clayton Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery Steam Generator delivers more usable BTUs to the formation at a considerably lower cost than any combination of available components. Units are available from 25 to 1,000 BHP and pressures up to 3,000 psig.

Compared to conventional steam generators, Clayton Steam Generators are known for their compact size, light weight and low emissions. They are prized for their reliability, fuel economy, fully automatic PLC controls and ability to start up and follow load cycles quickly.

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