Reduced Blowdown

Dissolved solids are introduced into every steam system; hence, the level of the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) must be controlled in every boiler and steam generator. This is accomplished by "blowing down" quantities of the highly concentrated boiler water in order to remove some of the TDS.

Although necessary, blowdown is inefficient since the water that is removed during blowdown is water that has been heated to the temperature of the steam. It also wastes chemicals and salt used to treat the feedwater going to the unit.

The blowdown rates for Clayton Steam Generators can be as low as 1/8th to 1/10th the amount of blowdown in conventional boilers. This is because blowdown comes from the return line on the water recirculation circuit on the Clayton Steam Boiler. At this point in the boiler, TDS has been concentrated into the excess water flowing through the unit. Because of the controlled water flow through the boiler, much higher inlet TDS levels can be handled.

Two basic types of blowdown systems are available: a simple, manually set automatic continuous-bleed system and a fully automatic TDS system with an electronic sensor and monitor.

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