Rapid Startup and Load Response

Clayton Steam Generators provide very rapid startup—typically in 5 to 10 minutes depending upon the size of the boiler. This is the result of low water content, typically about 1/10th the content of most conventional boilers of the same size. This rapid startup results in reduced fuel and labor costs. Many conventional boiler operators keep boilers in a warm state during periods of nonuse so it will be available quickly when needed. Standby time is not necessary with a Clayton Steam Generator, so you save fuel. Reduced fuel consumption results from Clayton Steam Boilers' minimized startup time.

Reduced startup time may result in reduced labor costs because it is not be necessary to bring an employee into the plant early to startup a Clayton Industrial Steam Boiler.

Many processes have strict requirements for steam temperature and steam pressure to ensure high-quality products and may have widely-varying steaming rates. These two demands are difficult to meet with conventional boilers since a relatively-long time is needed to significantly increase steaming rates. Clayton Steam Generators are made for these applications. Clayton's low water content design allows rapid increases in steaming rates without a significant drop in steam pressure and steam temperature. In addition, units equipped with PLC Control can include control logic specifically designed to account for these types of process demands.

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