Articles and Case Studies

The following is a collection of articles and case studies on some those applications. Click on the case study to download pdf.

Industry Description Download PDF
Bakery Full Steam Ahead Food Processing-SHS _International.pdf
Beverage Bronco Finds Its Workhorse is Steam Beverage World - Bronco Winery.pdf
Candy English Confectioner Satisfies Sweet Tooth Process_Heating-Dovedale_Confectionery.pdf
Candy Steam Boilers Keep on Steaming Food Engineering - Marich article July 2013.pdf
Chemical Case Study- Jost Chemical Jost_Chemical.pdf
Concrete Clayton Delivers Day & Campbell cure for tired boiler Concrete Products - Day & Campbell a.pdf
Corrugated Paper Case Study-LBP Manufacturing LBP_Manufacturing.pdf
Corrugating Steam Generators:Small and Fast Fits the Bill Clayton_360reprint_Sept2018.pdf
Cosmetics Case Study- Cosmetics Labs Cosmetics_Labs.pdf
Distillery Full Steam Ahead-Chicago's CH Distillery BWProjectReport_CHDistillery.pdf
Feed and Grain Effective Boiler Feedwater Treatment Feed_Lot_Mag-Effective_FW_treatment.pdf
Feed and Grain Steam "On Demand" Feed_Mgt-Black_Rock_Milling.pdf
Feed and Grain Steam Offers Savings Feedstuffs-Steam_offers_savings.pdf
Feed and Grain Case Study-Westway Feeds Westway_Feeds.pdf
Flooring Innovative Use of Engine Exhaust Gases Processing-Mannington_Mills.pdf
Food Setton Pistachio-Full Steam Ahead Food Engineering-Setton Pistachio.pdf
Food Kettle Cuisine - On demand steam saves energy FoodEng_OnDemandReprint.pdf
Food Even Heat Energy_Mgt_Canada-Even_Heat_Frito_Lay.pdf
Food Steamy Situation Turns Out Better Food_Engineering-Campbell_Food_Belgium.pdf
Food Going Nuts for Pasteurization Food_Engineering-Going_Nuts.pdf
Food Now You're Cooking with Gas! Food_Engineering -Willow_Tree_Farm.pdf
Food Energy Management Food_Engineering-Energy_Mgt-Frito.pdf
Food Marzetti "Steam-lines" its Hot Water Needs Food_Engineering-Marzetti_Brands.pdf
Food Thoroughly Dry, But Rich in Nutrients Food_Engineering-MCD-BioSan_Labs.pdf
Food Wild Thymes in a Tranquil Setting Food_Equipment-Wild_Thymes_Farm.pdf
Food Turning Up the Heat in Thermal Processing Food Processing-MCD-Heat_and_Control_systems.pdf
Food Case Study - H. J. Heinz - Holland Heinz-Holland.pdf
Food Recycling Waste Energy into Heat National_Confectioners-Frito_Lay_Heat_Recovery.pdf
Food S.G. Assists in Program Against Salmonella Process_Heating-Going_Nuts.pdf
Food Garden State Copacker Keeps Steamin’ Along Processing-Seabrook.pdf
Food Letting Off Steam Food_Canada_Vitality_Foodservice.pdf
Food Source of Strength Rrefrig & Frozen Foods - Seabrook - Dec 2011.pdf
Food Steam Generators put deep freeze on Food Packer's Energy Costs Food Engineering - Seabrook Jan 2012.pdf
Food On Demand Steam meets Pet Food requirements FoodEngineering - Breeders Choice.pdf
Food Making healthier Foods for Pets Pet Food in Canada - Operations.pdf
Food Energy Action Plan Food_Engineering-Energy_Action_Plan.pdf
General Interest Small Packaged Boilers Solve Many Problems Gas_Technology-Small_Packaged_Boilers.pdf
General Interest Boiler Designs Being Transformed Gas_Technology-Boiler Designs.pdf
General Interest Coil Tube Boilers Gas_Technology-Coil_Tube_Boilers.pdf
General Interest Compact Boiler Technology Gas_Technology-Compact_Boiler_Technology.pdf
General Interest Full Steam Ahead PEM-Full_Steam_Ahead.pdf
General Interest Does Waste Heat Recovery Make Cents? Process_Heating-Does_Heat_Recovery_make_sense.pdf
General Interest Understanding Boiler Fuel Efficiency Process_Heating-Boiler_Efficiency.pdf
General Interest The Art of Chasing BTU's Process_Heating-Chasing_BTUs.pdf
General Interest Considering a New Steam Boiler? Process_Heating-Considering_a_new_boiler.pdf
General Interest Should you Revamp or Replace your boiler? Chemical Processing - Should you revamp or replace your boiler.pdf
General Interest Simple Mathematics: Wasted Heat = Wasted Money Air Pollution Control - Simple Math Waste heat.pdf
General Interest 10 Tips for Replacing a Boiler Process Heating - 10 tips for replacing a boiler.pdf
General Interest GSK Belgium Firetube Explosion GSK Belgium explosion article EN 8-4-15.pdf
Hospital Waste Not, Want Not Energy_Mgt_Canada-Hamilton_Health_Sciences.pdf
Hospital Healing an Ailing System Mount Clemens Case Study.pdf
Hospital Out with the Old PEM_Kootenay_Lake_Hospital.pdf
Laundry Addenbrooke NHS Trust Laundry Clayton_ALNreprint.pdf
Marine M.A. Gets Major Savings from Exhaust Gas Marine_Log-Marine_Atlantic.pdf
Offshore When Safety and Size Matter Most Global_Processing-Samsung.pdf
Oil and Gas Case Study- Perenco Peru Ltd. Perenco_Peru.pdf
Paper Bigger & Better Boxboard_Containers_Intl-Bay_Corrugated.pdf
Paper Steam on Demand Plant_Services-EHV-Weidmann.pdf
Paper Steam Savings for the Long Haul Plant Services - Paperlogic Paper Mill Reprint.pdf
Pharmaceutical Steam for Pharmaceutical Processes Pharmaceuticals - Pfizer Ltd article.pdf
Power Plant Case Study - AGFA-CHP Agfa_CHP.pdf
Power Plant Case Study - Medway SH Steam Generator Medway_SH_Steam_Generator.pdf
Steel Case Study - Bay City Forge Bay_City_Forge.pdf
Steel Case Study - Mittal Steel Mittal_Steel.pdf
Tannery Tannery Burns Fat, Cuts Emissions Clayton_MaintTech_Reprint_120416.pdf
Tanning Tanner Uses By-Product Fuel Pollution Equipment News - Clayton_Tanner_Reprint.pdf
Terminal Case Study - Delta Trading Delta_Trading.pdf
Textile Running on Steam PEM-MW _Canada.pdf
Wire Closer to the Action Metal_Processing-Johnstown_Wire.pdf
Wire Finding Hot Savings Through a Steam Generator Wire_Journal-American_Insulated_Wire.pdf
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